A Virtual Phone System Changed My Nursing Care Business

As a home health care nurse, communicating with my patients has always been important. Although I work designated shifts, the ability for my patients to contact me during off-hours is a necessity. A virtual phone system changed my business forever and made communication cheaper and more effective.

Using My Personal Landline
When I first started working as a home health nurse, I was transitioning from my job in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital. I had always used my landline and my mobile phone for communications with the hospital, so when I decided to work from home, I did not really give any thought to changing my current methods. I had used the same landline telephone number for more than 10 years for home and business purposes, and while I had thought about installing a second landline or virtual phone system, I avoided it because of the installation fees and monthly bills that would likely climb exponentially.

In Need of a Change
The first time I realized that I really needed to change the way I communicated with my patients came when the call load got too heavy for my family to carry. Although the telephone used to ring a few times per day with calls for myself, my husband and my teenage daughter, the number of calls we were receiving exploded. It became difficult to tell when we were receiving business calls or personal calls, so we answered the phone in a business-like manner 24 hours a day—unless we recognized the caller via the caller ID. At this point, I began looking into ways to better route and handle the calls that were coming into my home.

The Virtual System
I researched adding a second landline for business purposes, but after reviewing the fees associated with hardware installation and the monthly costs of the service, I decided that this was not an acceptable option. Instead, I contacted a virtual phone system provider to ask questions. The service required absolutely no hardware installation, it used my existing broadband internet connection, and it came packed with features like an auto attendant and call forwarding at no additional cost. Even better, the service cost only about half of what a second landline would cost. The system was installed the following day, and I have never been happier.

My Business Today
These days, thanks to the help of my virtual phone system, my patients enjoy the ability to contact me via my business telephone number 24 hours a day. With the help of the auto attendant, many of my callers can get the information they need on their own—I never even have to pick up the telephone. They can press choose option one to hear a pre-recorded message about the services I offer, option two to make an appointment, or option three to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Even when I am away from home, my customers can reach me on my mobile phone thanks to the call forwarding feature.

Taking care of my family and treating my patients are the two most important things in my life. With the help of my virtual phone system, I can do both more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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