iTeleCenter Lends a Helping Hand by Offering 90 Day Free Virtual Phone System Accounts to Businesses Affected by Hurricane Sandy

iTeleCenter, with its corporate offices located in the heart of the tri-state area, was affected by last week’s hurricane like much of the northeast was. With operations fully recovered and 100% operational, it is reaching out to businesses in the community affected by the storm and offering a helping hand by providing its state-of-the-art virtual phone system account to businesses whose communications systems are affected by Hurricane Sandy with free service for 90 days.

iTeleCenter can enable companies to easily stay connected with their customers and clients during recovery efforts by allowing them to forward calls through a new toll free or local number directly to their workers’ mobile phones or landlines. Businesses should post their new iTeleCenter number in email signatures, websites, blogs, tweets, as well as company Facebook or LinkedIn page to let customers know how to reach them during this time.

There is no software to download or hardware setup involved. The new iTeleCenter business number is instantly available, and can be set up to start receiving calls within minutes. Companies can record a greeting to keep callers apprised of any ongoing recovery efforts or any general information they need to disseminate.

Businesses that wish to take advantage of this offer should contact iTeleCenter’s Customer Care department at 1-800-454-5930 and ask about the Hurricane Sandy 90-day Offer.

About iTeleCenter
iTeleCenter was founded in 1992 by entrepreneur Paul Champaneria who wanted to build a company that catered to the needs of virtual companies, direct salespeople, affiliate marketers, real estate professionals, and all forms of home-based or small businesses. iTeleCenter is a virtual phone system that provides individuals with the ability to utilize toll free phone numbers, locally based numbers, 800 numbers or vanity numbers, with call forwarding and voicemail that make professional life a little easier. With the best in customer care and service, along with the latest and most innovative features, it’s a must have for professionals who want to compete on a regional or national level, whether it’s a one-man operation or a million-dollar corporation.