Stay Connected with a Virtual Phone

It’s very important in this day and age to stay connected to those you love and those you work with. Being unreachable can hurt business and worry family and friends. But with so many expensive and confusing plans available, how can you maintain a connection without paying through the nose?

Cheap Service
Virtual phone services are much cheaper than their expensive cellular counterparts. While you might pay $35 dollars or more for a standard plan with a cell phone company, virtual system prices start lower at just $20 dollars a month. Startup fees, service upgrades and additional features can be much cheaper, or even free. Some services offer all of their available features with every package while others allow you to pick the ones you want and not have to pay for the rest. Keeping an eye out for discounts, which many services are generous with, can reduce your costs even further.

No Hidden Costs
How many times have you gotten a phone bill that was much higher than you expected? It’s happened to almost everyone and chances are it was a huge shock. Cell phone and traditional phone plans are often riddled with small print that can end up with you paying unexpected charges, some of them very large. Internet phone companies’ plans are easier to understand, and tend to have fewer tricky hazards to trip you up and leave you with exorbitant fees. For anyone without a legal degree, this can be a huge time and effort saver.

No Constraining Contracts
Cell phone contracts are often restrictive and full of hassles. If you’re getting bad service from one provider, it can be difficult to break the contract in search of better service. Just being able to sign a contract can be difficult, as many companies have very specific stipulations about who they’re willing to extend one to. People with bad credit or no credit at all may be forced to sign up for inferior service if they want a plan. All of this work, just to be able to make a phone call! Virtual phone companies are generally more flexible and many of them offer contract-free service.

Easy to Use Features
Even when you have a good plan with great service, utilizing all of your features can involve a steep learning curve. With virtual phone services, it is possible to make the most effective use of your services by a simple interface on your computer. Internet based phone companies usually have a user-friendly and accessible series of options on their websites which control things like toll free voicemail and call forwarding. There’s no need to memorize a confusing series of button presses and codes to get the most out of your service package.

When you want the best and cheapest communication service, virtual phone services are a great option to consider. Never be left out of the loop and out in the cold by demanding phone companies and ridiculous rates. Internet phones are dependable, cheap and full of useful features. Don’t lose your connection; just find a better one.

Get Hassle-Free Service with a Virtual Phone

Small Business Phone ServiceEveryone has had to deal with the problems of modern telephone companies at some time or another – bills with complicated wording, unhelpful customer assistance and just general poor service. These problems can be reduced or eliminated with virtual calling, along with offering a host of other available options that are helpful to a growing business.

How does it Work?

When a call is made, usually that call is sent through phone lines or cellphone towers, through an exchange, and then through more wires or radio waves, until it reaches you. With a virtual phone, the call is picked up by an internet server rather than an exchange, which can then provide a variety of services before sending the call to the proper line. For business, the services offered with a standard phone don’t always cut it. Hiring a separate service to set up a phone system can be costly and confusing. Virtual telecommunications simplify this process, and are much cheaper.

Connect any Existing Phone to the Line

Virtual phones require no special equipment; any phone that is in working order can be linked to a virtual calling system. There’s no need to buy a new device and there are no confusing wires and connections to set up. If you have an existing phone, of any kind, you’re ready to start. These systems work with landlines, cell phones, smart phones and even computer based telephone numbers like Skype.  It’s easy to link any existing phone to a virtual system.

Direct Calls Where They Need to Go

Most virtual phone company’s offer a wide variety of services to make sure that customer can get in contact with you at all times. Many of them also offer an extended version of call forwarding. When you use this service, incoming calls are sent to one number on a list that you provide, for instance, your business number. If you don’t answer there, the service then rings your other provided contacts until it gets an answer. If there is a high volume of incoming calls to deal with, an automated service which directs the calls to the proper extension can be created easily.

Much, Much More

While specific service offers vary, there are many possibilities that make using these types of phones convenient and easy. The system can function as an inter-office exchange, be used for toll free voicemail, faxes, caller ID, or recording calls, allowing you to access all these functions from a centralized location. Many services also offer a wide choice of numbers, and allow you to base the number out of a variety of cities, even if the physical phone is not located in that particular city. This eliminates long distance charges for those who travel often.

Virtual Phones have so many time saving and useful tools available, with so much less hassle than setting up these services through conventional phone companies that they are the clear choice for many businesses. If your business’s phone service isn’t working out for you, consider going virtual for flexibility and ease of use.

Toll Free Numbers

          Toll Free Numbers Are Essential to Any Small Business

A reliable means of communication is absolutely essential to any and all small businesses. Making use of toll free numbers will ensure that you give your small business the competitive edge that it deserves. In this competitive age, toll free numbers are an essential operational tool that no small or large business should be without. All it takes to set up a toll free number for your business is a call to a phone service or virtual phone system provider.

Toll Free Numbers Are Affordable For Small Businesses

While many people may think that making use of toll free numbers would be too expensive for them to consider using in their business, this is actually not true. Toll free numbers work on a pay per call received basis which means that you will only pay for the calls that your business receives. This makes it an extremely affordable option for your small businesses because it means that you will not be surprised with an exorbitant phone bill each month. You will only pay for the calls that your company has received, which means that your business phone bill will grow in proportion to the amount of business you receive.

Toll Free Numbers Receive More Calls

Research has shown that more people are willing to call a business which offers a toll free number than one that doesn’t. By making use of toll free numbers, you will ensure that your business is more memorable than those who make use of regular phone numbers, simply because many companies offer the option of personalizing toll free numbers. More people are able to remember 1800-BIKES than its numerical equivalent. Because more people remember your number, they advertise it to friends, family and colleagues by word of mouth, which results in more positive advertising for your business. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising for any business.

Bring Business In From Anywhere by Using Toll Free Numbers

By making use of toll free numbers, you are not limiting your business to the city that you are located in. It will give people from across the country the opportunity to make use of your business to fulfill their needs. More people are also willing to call toll free numbers because of the fact that the call is free for them to make. With the rising cost of living in today’s world, this is a definite plus factor for your business. More people will make use of your business because of the fact that it costs them nothing to call you.

By making use of toll free numbers, you can be sure that your business will receive the exposure that it deserves. New and existing clients will continue to make use of your company because of the fact that you are easier to make contact with than your competitors. Toll free numbers are a lifeline that every small and large business should seriously consider for marketing purposes.