Get a Clear Advantage with a Virtual Phone

Small Business Phone ServiceVirtual phones are the wave of the future, but there is more to this growing trend than a simple desire for progress. These phones have a lot of other advantages that put them head and shoulders above cell phones and landlines.


Dropped calls and lost texts are a thing of the past with a virtual phone. Since these phones work through the internet, their connections are much more stable. Tools that come standard with many companies can resend texts, faxes or other messages that fail to be delivered. This means that even if the other party is having trouble, due to less reliable technology, your information will still be received. Often, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of resending or checking that the information got through.

Improved Record Keeping

See exactly what your service is being used for, often in real time. There’s no need to wait for a bill at the end of the month to see what numbers are being dialed. Many virtual phone interfaces have a database of precisely what is being sent or who is being called listed in the user’s profile. Stopping unproductive office behavior faster and keeping employees on track is easier with up to the minute information. Keeping archives of faxed documents, contacts and voice mails is a snap with virtual telephone services. Never lose an important message or phone number again!


With plans starting at $20 a month, and dozens of useful and time saving features to choose from, a virtual phone saves you both money and effort. Additions like send fax online feature and built in call recording can save you hundreds of dollars on separate machines that would normally do those jobs. The virtual versions of those features also require less time to use, and take up fewer expensive office resources. Flexible plans and online upgrades make sure that you’re getting the right service for your budget.

Better Customer Service

Large phone companies have become complacent. Many of them have had control over the telecommunications industry for decades, and they are certain of their own success. Smaller companies have more drive to please their customers, and so, newer, online phone companies are more competitive, promising better customer service and more benefits to their clients. Dealing with large corporations, with tons of red tape is no longer a necessary evil when trying to get phone service.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

As time goes on, technology is moving faster. Old technologies are being replaced with better, more efficient ones every day. Old technology users are being left in the dust. With the increasing popularity of the internet, more services are using an online model. Movie and music distribution is becoming internet based as well as many other industries. It appears that before long, online phone companies will become the norm. By hopping on the virtual phone train now, you’re guaranteed not to be left behind.

As the technology becomes more popular, it will become possible to do even more than the features listed here, and chances are good the cost will come down even further.