Get a Clear Advantage with a Virtual Phone

Small Business Phone ServiceVirtual phones are the wave of the future, but there is more to this growing trend than a simple desire for progress. These phones have a lot of other advantages that put them head and shoulders above cell phones and landlines.


Dropped calls and lost texts are a thing of the past with a virtual phone. Since these phones work through the internet, their connections are much more stable. Tools that come standard with many companies can resend texts, faxes or other messages that fail to be delivered. This means that even if the other party is having trouble, due to less reliable technology, your information will still be received. Often, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of resending or checking that the information got through.

Improved Record Keeping

See exactly what your service is being used for, often in real time. There’s no need to wait for a bill at the end of the month to see what numbers are being dialed. Many virtual phone interfaces have a database of precisely what is being sent or who is being called listed in the user’s profile. Stopping unproductive office behavior faster and keeping employees on track is easier with up to the minute information. Keeping archives of faxed documents, contacts and voice mails is a snap with virtual telephone services. Never lose an important message or phone number again!


With plans starting at $20 a month, and dozens of useful and time saving features to choose from, a virtual phone saves you both money and effort. Additions like send fax online feature and built in call recording can save you hundreds of dollars on separate machines that would normally do those jobs. The virtual versions of those features also require less time to use, and take up fewer expensive office resources. Flexible plans and online upgrades make sure that you’re getting the right service for your budget.

Better Customer Service

Large phone companies have become complacent. Many of them have had control over the telecommunications industry for decades, and they are certain of their own success. Smaller companies have more drive to please their customers, and so, newer, online phone companies are more competitive, promising better customer service and more benefits to their clients. Dealing with large corporations, with tons of red tape is no longer a necessary evil when trying to get phone service.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

As time goes on, technology is moving faster. Old technologies are being replaced with better, more efficient ones every day. Old technology users are being left in the dust. With the increasing popularity of the internet, more services are using an online model. Movie and music distribution is becoming internet based as well as many other industries. It appears that before long, online phone companies will become the norm. By hopping on the virtual phone train now, you’re guaranteed not to be left behind.

As the technology becomes more popular, it will become possible to do even more than the features listed here, and chances are good the cost will come down even further.


Stay Connected with a Virtual Phone

It’s very important in this day and age to stay connected to those you love and those you work with. Being unreachable can hurt business and worry family and friends. But with so many expensive and confusing plans available, how can you maintain a connection without paying through the nose?

Cheap Service
Virtual phone services are much cheaper than their expensive cellular counterparts. While you might pay $35 dollars or more for a standard plan with a cell phone company, virtual system prices start lower at just $20 dollars a month. Startup fees, service upgrades and additional features can be much cheaper, or even free. Some services offer all of their available features with every package while others allow you to pick the ones you want and not have to pay for the rest. Keeping an eye out for discounts, which many services are generous with, can reduce your costs even further.

No Hidden Costs
How many times have you gotten a phone bill that was much higher than you expected? It’s happened to almost everyone and chances are it was a huge shock. Cell phone and traditional phone plans are often riddled with small print that can end up with you paying unexpected charges, some of them very large. Internet phone companies’ plans are easier to understand, and tend to have fewer tricky hazards to trip you up and leave you with exorbitant fees. For anyone without a legal degree, this can be a huge time and effort saver.

No Constraining Contracts
Cell phone contracts are often restrictive and full of hassles. If you’re getting bad service from one provider, it can be difficult to break the contract in search of better service. Just being able to sign a contract can be difficult, as many companies have very specific stipulations about who they’re willing to extend one to. People with bad credit or no credit at all may be forced to sign up for inferior service if they want a plan. All of this work, just to be able to make a phone call! Virtual phone companies are generally more flexible and many of them offer contract-free service.

Easy to Use Features
Even when you have a good plan with great service, utilizing all of your features can involve a steep learning curve. With virtual phone services, it is possible to make the most effective use of your services by a simple interface on your computer. Internet based phone companies usually have a user-friendly and accessible series of options on their websites which control things like toll free voicemail and call forwarding. There’s no need to memorize a confusing series of button presses and codes to get the most out of your service package.

When you want the best and cheapest communication service, virtual phone services are a great option to consider. Never be left out of the loop and out in the cold by demanding phone companies and ridiculous rates. Internet phones are dependable, cheap and full of useful features. Don’t lose your connection; just find a better one.

Get Hassle-Free Service with a Virtual Phone

Small Business Phone ServiceEveryone has had to deal with the problems of modern telephone companies at some time or another – bills with complicated wording, unhelpful customer assistance and just general poor service. These problems can be reduced or eliminated with virtual calling, along with offering a host of other available options that are helpful to a growing business.

How does it Work?

When a call is made, usually that call is sent through phone lines or cellphone towers, through an exchange, and then through more wires or radio waves, until it reaches you. With a virtual phone, the call is picked up by an internet server rather than an exchange, which can then provide a variety of services before sending the call to the proper line. For business, the services offered with a standard phone don’t always cut it. Hiring a separate service to set up a phone system can be costly and confusing. Virtual telecommunications simplify this process, and are much cheaper.

Connect any Existing Phone to the Line

Virtual phones require no special equipment; any phone that is in working order can be linked to a virtual calling system. There’s no need to buy a new device and there are no confusing wires and connections to set up. If you have an existing phone, of any kind, you’re ready to start. These systems work with landlines, cell phones, smart phones and even computer based telephone numbers like Skype.  It’s easy to link any existing phone to a virtual system.

Direct Calls Where They Need to Go

Most virtual phone company’s offer a wide variety of services to make sure that customer can get in contact with you at all times. Many of them also offer an extended version of call forwarding. When you use this service, incoming calls are sent to one number on a list that you provide, for instance, your business number. If you don’t answer there, the service then rings your other provided contacts until it gets an answer. If there is a high volume of incoming calls to deal with, an automated service which directs the calls to the proper extension can be created easily.

Much, Much More

While specific service offers vary, there are many possibilities that make using these types of phones convenient and easy. The system can function as an inter-office exchange, be used for toll free voicemail, faxes, caller ID, or recording calls, allowing you to access all these functions from a centralized location. Many services also offer a wide choice of numbers, and allow you to base the number out of a variety of cities, even if the physical phone is not located in that particular city. This eliminates long distance charges for those who travel often.

Virtual Phones have so many time saving and useful tools available, with so much less hassle than setting up these services through conventional phone companies that they are the clear choice for many businesses. If your business’s phone service isn’t working out for you, consider going virtual for flexibility and ease of use.

A Virtual Phone System Eliminates the Need for an On-Site Phone System

With all of the new technologies that are being introduced these days, it comes as no surprise that many business owners are moving away from traditional on-site phone systems in favor of a virtual phone system. The entire system is hosted on the provider’s servers and eliminates the need for expensive installations and equipment purchases.

How a Virtual System Works
While on-site phone systems typically use copper wires and the like to transmit a telephone signal, a virtual phone system uses the internet to provide telephone numbers. Service providers will also give their clients access to a back office web interface that allows them to access and control all of the different professional features provided by the system, including call forwarding, multiple extensions, virtual voicemail, address books and the different options available for placing callers on hold. These systems are very popular among businesses because they are easy to use and incredibly cost-effective.

Cost Effectiveness
There are many reasons why a virtual phone system is a very cost-effective alternative to on-site phone systems. First, the systems are owned and maintained by the provider, so the overhead costs incurred are lower; these savings are passed to business owners. Next, business owners do not have to pay for as many telephone lines with a virtual system because extensions are readily available, and there are also plenty of features in place to handle call backlogging. These include voicemail, call waiting and auto attendants. Finally, there are no telephone jacks to worry about and no software to purchase, download or install. Everything is incredibly simple and as inexpensive as possible.

One of the features that is available with a virtual phone system and may not be part of most on-site systems is the auto attendant, and this allows multiple callers to be greeted simultaneously before being routed to the proper person or department. The auto attendant can successfully answer calls and transfer callers, but it can also place callers on hold if the party they request is busy. These systems also provide the ability to send and receive faxes online, which not only saves money in the long run, but also boosts productivity in the workplace by providing employees with a more effective way to send and receive their documents.

Call Forwarding
A virtual system is used in conjunction with one or more landlines or mobile phones. The assigned virtual telephone number and its extensions can all be forwarded to landlines and mobile phones as the business needs demand it, making it easier for employees to take their calls whether they are in the office, out in the field or even working from home. The back office web interface makes it easy for business owners, managers and employees to schedule the forwarding of their extensions without any fuss or hassle.

A virtual phone system is a great alternative to—and can even certainly replace—on-site phone systems in businesses of any size. It is a cost-effective, feature-packed solution for business owners who are looking to streamline their communications and provide better customer service overall.

Get a Virtual Phone System for Your Home Business

Virtual Phone SystemIf you are considering an effective communications system for your home business, you can never go wrong with a virtual phone system. Not only is it the most affordable solution available, but it will provide you with all of the features you will need in order to ensure that your business endeavor is a success.

New home business owners are concerned with their expenditures—and for good reason. Getting started can certainly be expensive, and without an effective means of money management, it is highly unlikely that a business will succeed. A virtual phone system is truly inexpensive when compared with the alternatives, and not just on a monthly basis. There are no jacks to install and no expensive software to purchase, making the start-up costs practically non-existent. To compare monthly costs, a landline with all of the features and unlimited long distance can cost between $75 and $100 per month while a virtual system that is loaded with features aimed toward home businesses may cost as little as $20 per month.

Landline vs. Virtual System
While landlines are still considered the most traditional form of telecommunications for homes and businesses, they are certainly not the most effective. Most landline companies do not offer discounts to homeowners who choose to install second lines, and they do not offer all of the features that a virtual phone system can provide. The virtual system will allow you to separate your telephone numbers so that one is dedicated to personal use while the other is strictly for the business—without all of the added costs associated with multiple lines of service. On the same note, most of the features you need to be successful are included in the price associated with a virtual system; you may be asked to pay extra for certain features with a landline company.

One of the most prominent features associated with a virtual phone system is the ability to set up an information hotline on an extension. If you are running a home business, this can save you precious time. An information hotline is available 24 hours a day, and is essentially a recorded message for your callers who are interested in learning more about the products or services you offer.  It can also be used to record directions and hours of operation for your customers to hear.

Almost all phone service providers will give you the ability to take your telephone number with you through the use of the call forwarding feature, but landline and mobile phone providers often charge for you to forward your calls. With a virtual phone system, you can easily forward your business telephone number to your mobile phone, or home or office landline if the situation calls for it. This makes you available to your clients and customers all the time, regardless of where you need to travel for personal or professional reasons.

A virtual phone system is a great way for you to ensure that your home business is successful because it saves you money, provides you with features that will lend to your productivity, and allows you to be available to your customers 24 hours a day with call forwarding and information hotlines.

iTeleCenter Lends a Helping Hand by Offering 90 Day Free Virtual Phone System Accounts to Businesses Affected by Hurricane Sandy

iTeleCenter, with its corporate offices located in the heart of the tri-state area, was affected by last week’s hurricane like much of the northeast was. With operations fully recovered and 100% operational, it is reaching out to businesses in the community affected by the storm and offering a helping hand by providing its state-of-the-art virtual phone system account to businesses whose communications systems are affected by Hurricane Sandy with free service for 90 days.

iTeleCenter can enable companies to easily stay connected with their customers and clients during recovery efforts by allowing them to forward calls through a new toll free or local number directly to their workers’ mobile phones or landlines. Businesses should post their new iTeleCenter number in email signatures, websites, blogs, tweets, as well as company Facebook or LinkedIn page to let customers know how to reach them during this time.

There is no software to download or hardware setup involved. The new iTeleCenter business number is instantly available, and can be set up to start receiving calls within minutes. Companies can record a greeting to keep callers apprised of any ongoing recovery efforts or any general information they need to disseminate.

Businesses that wish to take advantage of this offer should contact iTeleCenter’s Customer Care department at 1-800-454-5930 and ask about the Hurricane Sandy 90-day Offer.

About iTeleCenter
iTeleCenter was founded in 1992 by entrepreneur Paul Champaneria who wanted to build a company that catered to the needs of virtual companies, direct salespeople, affiliate marketers, real estate professionals, and all forms of home-based or small businesses. iTeleCenter is a virtual phone system that provides individuals with the ability to utilize toll free phone numbers, locally based numbers, 800 numbers or vanity numbers, with call forwarding and voicemail that make professional life a little easier. With the best in customer care and service, along with the latest and most innovative features, it’s a must have for professionals who want to compete on a regional or national level, whether it’s a one-man operation or a million-dollar corporation.

A Virtual Phone System is an Important Business Tool

Communication is an important aspect of running a business, so if the level of communication that is being provided to clients and customers is sub-par, a business can never realize true success. A virtual phone system can make a huge difference for a business of any size for a number of different reasons.

Better Communications
The first reason why a virtual phone system is so important has to do with the overall better level of communications that the business owners and their employees will have with clients and customers. Features like the automated attendant ensure that each call is properly routed and that accidental disconnects and incorrect transfers are completely eliminated. The call quality is incredibly clear and employees can forward their calls if they will be away from their desks for any period of time. Faxes can be sent and received directly from the computer, and there are no complicated instructions for checking voicemails or returning calls.

Another great thing about a virtual phone system is that it is completely affordable, especially when compared to phone systems like landlines. Landline telephones require jacks, splitters and other forms of technology that can be expensive to install and maintain. Also, businesses that need many lines of service may find that their telephone bills are enormous on a monthly basis. This is not the case with a virtual system; for a low monthly rate, business owners can secure a set number of telephone lines and a feature package that is filled with things designed to make a business more efficient and productive.

24-Hour Access
While many businesses have set hours of operation, there are those consumers who like to get information on their own time. With a virtual phone system, businesses can record information on a hotline for consumers to hear 24 hours a day. Afterward, if the listener would like to leave a message, that option is available. Sometimes virtual systems even allow for after-hours answering services, particularly for businesses that specialize in repairs and the like. This way, the business can be closed, but consumers who have emergencies have a direct link to the employee who can help them with the situation.

Toll Free & Vanity Numbers
Although toll free and vanity telephone numbers are certainly available through landline telephone services, they are much more expensive than those associated with a virtual phone system. In fact, the prices for some of these systems include a set number of minutes of incoming toll free calls. This way, consumers can call from anywhere in the country without incurring long distance charges. Aside from this, a toll free number is a great way to boost professionalism, and a vanity number is a phenomenal way to ensure that consumers are able to remember a telephone number when they are in need of a product or service.

Businesses that really want to succeed in this difficult economy must ensure that every aspect—including communications—is on target. A virtual phone system is hands-down the best way to make sure that consumers are able to stay in contact and get the information they need.

A Virtual Phone System Changed My Nursing Care Business

As a home health care nurse, communicating with my patients has always been important. Although I work designated shifts, the ability for my patients to contact me during off-hours is a necessity. A virtual phone system changed my business forever and made communication cheaper and more effective.

Using My Personal Landline
When I first started working as a home health nurse, I was transitioning from my job in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital. I had always used my landline and my mobile phone for communications with the hospital, so when I decided to work from home, I did not really give any thought to changing my current methods. I had used the same landline telephone number for more than 10 years for home and business purposes, and while I had thought about installing a second landline or virtual phone system, I avoided it because of the installation fees and monthly bills that would likely climb exponentially.

In Need of a Change
The first time I realized that I really needed to change the way I communicated with my patients came when the call load got too heavy for my family to carry. Although the telephone used to ring a few times per day with calls for myself, my husband and my teenage daughter, the number of calls we were receiving exploded. It became difficult to tell when we were receiving business calls or personal calls, so we answered the phone in a business-like manner 24 hours a day—unless we recognized the caller via the caller ID. At this point, I began looking into ways to better route and handle the calls that were coming into my home.

The Virtual System
I researched adding a second landline for business purposes, but after reviewing the fees associated with hardware installation and the monthly costs of the service, I decided that this was not an acceptable option. Instead, I contacted a virtual phone system provider to ask questions. The service required absolutely no hardware installation, it used my existing broadband internet connection, and it came packed with features like an auto attendant and call forwarding at no additional cost. Even better, the service cost only about half of what a second landline would cost. The system was installed the following day, and I have never been happier.

My Business Today
These days, thanks to the help of my virtual phone system, my patients enjoy the ability to contact me via my business telephone number 24 hours a day. With the help of the auto attendant, many of my callers can get the information they need on their own—I never even have to pick up the telephone. They can press choose option one to hear a pre-recorded message about the services I offer, option two to make an appointment, or option three to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Even when I am away from home, my customers can reach me on my mobile phone thanks to the call forwarding feature.

Taking care of my family and treating my patients are the two most important things in my life. With the help of my virtual phone system, I can do both more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Virtual Phone System is Changing the Face of Small Businesses Everywhere

Small business owners who want to save money, handle their calls more effectively and advertise effectively through their telephone numbers should consider using a virtual phone system. They will reap many rewards, including increased productivity, reduced overhead costs and better overall customer service.

Increasing Productivity
One of the best things about a virtual phone system is that it allows businesses and employees to operate much more efficiently than before. With features like an auto attendant, the need for a designated administrative assistant to remain on-site is negated, and employees do not have to stop what they are doing to answer and route telephone calls. With the call forwarding feature, employees can always receive their calls and handle them wherever they may be, even if they are out in the field, on lunch break, or at home. The online fax capabilities allow employees to send and receive faxes from the comfort of their computers, reducing the need for repeated trips back and forth to fax machines.

Reducing Costs
Another great benefit that comes from the use of a virtual phone system is the reduction in costs that most businesses will see immediately. All of the features that come standard with these systems can save businesses money by reducing or removing the need for a full-time administrative assistant. The monthly bills are extremely low when compared with standard landline telephone service, and there is no expensive equipment that must be installed. Similarly, since time is often associated with money in a business sense, the increased efficiency that the phone system provides will help employees make better use of their time both in the office and out in the field.

Improving Customer Service
The quality of customer service that a small business provides will have a huge impact on its overall success. The best way to provide outstanding customer service to consumers is to start with an excellent communications system that ensures no calls ever go unanswered and that they are properly routed each and every time. A virtual phone system with an auto attendant ensures that each call is answered promptly and that callers always hear a friendly greeting. From this point, they can choose the department they would like to speak to and wait as their call is instantaneously routed. This reduces customer frustration and leads to an all-around better experience for callers.

Easier Navigation
Standard telephones are often complicated to use, and this often leads to accidental disconnects, misrouted calls and angry callers. With a virtual phone system, everything each employee needs can be found on his or her desktop in an easy-to-use interface. By clicking buttons on the screen, the employee can navigate between email, telephone call logs, faxes and more. This reduces the need for the employees to move about from one point to another in order to perform different tasks and provides them with the ability to get things done faster, easier and more efficiently.

Small businesses must find ways to stand out from the crowd in order to be successful. By using a virtual phone system, these businesses can easily improve their customer service, reduce their overhead costs and even promote happier employees.

iTeleCenter’s Virtual Phone System is Changing the Face of Home-Based Businesses

Many home-based businesses are turning to a Virtual Phone System like iTeleCenter to fulfill their need for a toll free business number. They have been able to avoid the expense of installing secondary lines in their homes while still keeping their business line professional. These small companies can choose from a large inventory of 1800 numbers that are tied to the system.

In a recent survey, most respondents noted the low cost of the service bundled with the ability to receive calls on their home or mobile phones – while keeping these numbers private – as the number one reason they purchased iTeleCenter. Some also noted the professional image boost their companies received as a side benefit of having a toll free business number.

The system allows a business to advertise a toll free (or local) phone number which forwards seamlessly to the landline or mobile number of the company’s choice. This flexibility enables small business owners to remain mobile without missing a call. It also allows for growth down the road; if a business outgrows its home office and needs to relocate, there is no need to change the business number.

Home-based offices also enjoy the benefits of the included business-class features. Some business owners opt to automatically forward calls and answer them immediately while others opt to use a professionally recorded greeting and let the system’s auto attendant guide callers to the person or department they are seeking. When a call cannot be answered and the caller is sent to voicemail, the company representative can receive a transcribed version of the message via email. Online faxing from any online device removes the need for a fax machine and reduces the additional cost of ink and paper.

The business number, business-class features, and money-saving perks are changing the face of home-based businesses and giving them an edge over their competition. They get a bigger-business image, increased mobility and are able to keep their personal numbers private.

About iTeleCenter
iTeleCenter was founded in 1992 by entrepreneur Paul Champaneria who wanted to build a company that catered to the needs of virtual companies, direct salespeople, affiliate marketers, real estate professionals, and all forms of home-based or small businesses. iTeleCenter is a virtual phone system that provides individuals with the ability to utilize toll free phone numbers, locally based numbers, or vanity numbers, with call forwarding and voicemail that make professional life a little easier. With the best in customer care and service, along with the latest and most innovative features, it’s a must have for professionals who want to compete on a regional or national level, whether it’s a one-man operation or a million-dollar corporation.
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